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DEF CON 18 – Getting Social with the Smart Grid Slides Posted

Posted in Conferences, DEFCON, Smart Grid with tags , , , on August 10, 2010 by Tony Flick

My co-presenter, Justin Morehouse, just posted our slides here on SlideShare. I hope to have the iNergy code posted to Google Code later this week. Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated!


Getting Social with the Smart Grid @ DEF CON 18

Posted in Conferences, DEFCON, Smart Grid with tags , , , on July 6, 2010 by Matthew Flick

Tony will be co-presenting “Getting Social with the Smart Grid” at this year’s DEF CON in Las Vegas.

Littered with endless threats and vulnerabilities surrounding both social networking and the Smart Grid, the marriage of these two technologies is official, despite protests by the security community. Consumers love it because they can brag to their friends about how green they are. Businesses love it more because it provides fresh material for their marketing departments. Hackers love it the most because it opens up attack vectors, both new and old.

During this presentation we dissect readily available social Smart Devices, examining where they get things right, and where they fail. We expand on the failures, discussing and demonstrating attacks against consumers (think, the Smart Devices themselves, and the social networking sites they communicate with.¬†We want consumers, device manufactures, and social networking sites to understand how to get social with the Smart Grid securely, and prevent social networking privacy from becoming even more complex. The tools we release during this presentation will allow consumers to review their Smart Devices’ social footprint, and provide device manufacturers with recommendations that can be implemented immediately. Attendees will leave our presentation armed with a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of social Smart Devices, how to attack their current weaknesses and leverage their current strengths, and utilize our tools to further research how we all can better secure the social side of the Smart Grid.

Tony’s slated for the last speaking slot on Sunday, so for those of you who will be sticking around, make sure you drop by.