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Introducing AppTrust

Posted in Application Security on November 12, 2009 by Matthew Flick

FYRM Associates is proud to announce our new AppTrust offering that enables organizations to produce secure applications in a timely and cost-cutting manner. The typical, flawed approach to application security is based on the network security model of “when we find a vulnerability, we patch it.” This forces your organization into a never-ending game of catch-up with attackers that is nothing more than a costly and time-consuming strategic failure.

The AppTrust Assessment, Training, and Certification solutions break this mold with a strategy that enables your organization to implement applications that are secure as soon as they enter production.

You can read more about FYRM Associates’ new AppTrust offering at our Web site,, or contact FYRM Associates at or (877) 752-7170 for more information.


XAB – Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser updated and seeking help

Posted in Application Security on November 10, 2009 by Matthew Flick

A new release of XAB, the framework that allows one to browse the web via XSS has been updated. This release will now accommodate all content-types, thus allowing any file format to be transferred through the framework. The latest release can be found at sourceforge:

We’re seeking volunteers to help out with development. We’d like to take this from a small research project to a community driven effort to expand the possibilities of what can be done with XSS.